Do You Maintain Your Computers?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a business in Metairie, LA, or run a big, global business based out of Tokyo, Japan, you are probably, in some way, shape or form, using computers. The fact that you’re reading this article right now, whether on a phone or at your desk, means you’re using a computing device with access to the Internet.

And why shouldn’t you? It doesn’t matter what kind of kind of business you have here in Metairie, LA, computers can play a crucial role in running that business smoothly. So are you actually maintaining your computers? And if not, why not? There are plenty of good reasons why you should be considering regular computer maintenance, but here are the most important!

Regain High Performance

It’s just a fact of computer life. Over the course of the weeks, months and years that you use a computer, its performance will lag, and it will start to slow down. There are numerous possible reasons for this, from a degradation in the condition of your hard drive to an accumulation of too many services, programs, apps and other things installed on your computer that are all competing for resources, and thus slow everything down.

Regular computer maintenance, especially from experienced technicians, means keeping your computer lean, and getting in there to optimize the hardware, the hard drive and software installation, to get you your speed and reliability back. The longer you leave computer maintenance alone, the more it will impact your computer performance.

Crisis Prevention

Similar to regaining performance, having a computer properly maintained is, just like a health or dental check-up, a sound preventive measure. With someone experienced evaluating the physical condition of the computer as well as the “health” of the software, it is easier to spot potential problems while they are small and deal with them before they become major, catastrophic problems.

Fans, for example, can be replaced if they’re acting problematic, rather than wait for them to stop working entirely, and then overheat the computer, causing the entire system to shut down, maybe even need a costly repair or replacement. The modular nature of different computer components means it’s easy to remove problem parts without affecting the entire system.


Finally, the security of a machine is of absolute importance, because data breaches are on the rise. Between viruses being installed, and anti-viral software and other mechanisms needing to be kept up to date, it’s important to have a computer regularly checked for security integrity. A computer can be hacked and co-opted through any number of different ways.

So whether someone opened an attached file on an email that they shouldn’t have, or browsing a suspect website downloaded a virus into the system, you’ll want to know. And regular security inspection and maintenance of your computer will ensure continued safety.

Stay Safe & Efficient

Data Shark is ready to keep your machines running safe, strong and at peak levels right here in Metairie, LA. Contact us today if you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer infrastructure is getting the care it deserves.

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